With over 100 years of service, fi is one of the most diversified contract manufacturing companies on the west coast. 

Our four state-of-the art facilities cover over 350,000 square feet in design, prototyping, fabrication, manufacturing, distribution and storage space.

Our vast array of capabilities provides unique integration opportunities across metal and plastic fabrication all the way through electromechanical assembly, visual merchandising to final assembly and finished goods. This turn-key capability has proven invaluable to our customers in terms of speed, quality, cost and on time delivery.

Our dedicated team of talented problem solvers ask the right questions to understand your needs and challenges with a laser focus on quality and cost saving improvements.

Our Defy Design Group out of Solana Beach in Northern San Diego specializes in concept creation with an in-depth knowledge and expertise in Business and Design Strategies that create innovative solutions that are not only smart and valuable, but also scalable, on budget and on time.

Our Mission

To become an Enterprise Excellence based organization that offers integrated manufacturing solutions that adapt to the ever-changing needs of our clients, while generating value and social wellness.

We are a full-service quality obsessed company serving our customers with a wide range of capabilities across multiple industries.

  • Culture

    We take pride in building a strong healthy culture that permeates from top to bottom.

  • Quality

    We are a group of best-in-class companies relentlessly pursuing the highest quality work for our brand and clients.

  • Experience

    We have the skills, size and proven track record to continually set the bar in our categories.

  • Welcoming

    We are always open to new ideas and constantly driven by the desire to offer the best solutions to our clients.

  • Integration

    Through a design-led integration we are able to offer our clients the best in speed, quality and costs.

  • Responsibility

    Social and environmental responsibility are part of our culture and work ethic.

  • Design + Innovation

    As a design-led company we believe design continually pushed innovation and generates value.

  • Industry Agnostics

    While we specialize in gaming, we are also capable of creating top-level performance in a range of industries.

  • Trust

    We take pride in our long-lasting trusted relationships with our clients.

Our Vision

To be a world class organization that is centered in the wellbeing of its people, inclusive and competitive becoming the point of reference for our clients, investors, and our associates.

fi meets the needs of a diverse customer base in a range of industries