With over 100 years of combined experience and global locations, Fi Company is the go-to solutions provider for trusted OEM brands. We assist in suitable/viable designs for manufacturing

As a proud member of The Fi Company, a design-led organization, the defy team is dedicated to creating exponential value for our clients. We assist in suitable/viable designs for manufacturing.


At defy design we believe in research.  It is through a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses, products, target audiences and the competitive scenario that we frame our opportunities and set ourselves for success.

Business and Design Strategy

After a full understanding and a clearly determined opportunity space, is when we start developing our strategy. It is here that we define our goals and objectives and create the core aspects of what will set the design apart and put it in the path to succeed.


Here is where we translate and visualize the opportunity research into a distinct and engaging voice that flows through all brand communications. Here is also where we develop a visual language with art and photography that builds on the refreshed identity.

UX and UI Design

Designing the interfaces and the experience is now a key part of many product design projects. We take great pride in our UX and UI skills and it is for sure an important point of our development process.

Industrial Design

Industrial design is the core of what we do. With decades of combined experiences across multiple industries, we can bring the best practices learned in all those years to every project we work on.

Mechanical Engineering

A good design is meaningless without good engineering. That is why here at defy, our designers and engineers work together creative innovative solutions that are not only smart and valuable, but also scalable, on budget and on time.

We are not here just to make beautiful things. We are to create market relevance with meaningful results.

Our Vision

Not only do we design products, spaces, graphics, and brands, but more importantly, we design businesses.

Our Process

Think and learn before you do. That is why we ask questions. Many questions.

Our Team

We are very proud of our people. They are the essence of what makes us special.

defy meets the needs of a diverse customer base

We work across many industries: medical, dental, automotive, transportation, restaurant, life sciences, aerospace, casino gaming and architecture. It is our ability to cross-pollinate and bring the best from each industry to every project that makes us unique.

A true integrated process

Our defy® design team works with the 750+ talented and skilled professionals that make up the The Fi Company – ensuring that your project is delivered on time, within budget and with the highest quality.