Our extensive experience with forming, punching, bending, welding, and other custom sheet metal fabrication processes take your products from design to production efficiently and accurately.

Our extensive experience in custom sheet metal fabrication takes your products from the design phase to the mass production environment. Our operations team is highly skilled with extensive experience working in a lean manufacturing environment. This experience allows Fi Company to provide a competitive and high-quality product that is repeatable on a large scale.


In-house Design, DFM (Design for Manufacturability) & Manufacturing Engineering capabilities & services

Due to our long-term partnerships, we have one of the largest manufacturing facilities in the region holding turrets, press breaks, and automated laser cutting machines. We have both in-house tooling and die maintenance as well as a close partnership with Amada to ensure the production of a high-quality, dimensionally precise product. Our fabrication equipment includes:

  • 3 Lasers
  • 13 Turrets
  • 30 Press Breaks
  • 36 Manual Hardware Insertion
  • 2 Lathes
  • 2 Deburring Machines
  • 2 Sheet Metal Guillotines

Press Breaks
Our expert staff has comprehensive forming experience in all materials and complexities, which allows us to run your products through a precise conversion process. With standard and customized dies to match your product needs, our press break experts bring product to life efficiently and accurately.

Fi houses 13 turret presses to efficiently punch high volume products. Our team of experts will carefully evaluate your individual program to determine if a turret is the right machine for the job.

Laser Cutting
As an alternative to the turret press, our automated laser equipment cuts a variety of metals with speed and high-quality precision. Within our Tijuana facility, Fi can meet your quick turn needs. Whether a low volume production run or a proof of concept for a new design, Fi’s lasers are available to meet your needs.