Our stamping division, housing 40 ton to 300-ton machines, provides our partners with high volume metal solutions at low cost.

With experience and expertise, we provide high quality and efficient solutions to any stamping requirements. Fi Company understands that every product and customer is unique, and we take a customized approach to each partner’s stamping needs.


Our equipment includes:

  • 40 Ton Press
    • Brand: Rousselle
  • Model: 4G
  • 80 Ton Press (2)
    • Brand: Rousselle
    • Model: 4G
  • 150 Ton Press (2)
  • Brand: AIDA
  • Model:NC1-1500 (2) E
  • 300 Ton Press (2)
  • Brand: SEYI
  • Model: SN2-300

Our stamping tools and dies are completely customized to our partner’s needs. We are aligned with best in class tooling partners, helping Fi transition to production in an efficient manner. Our expert tooling and die network help Fi Company take our customer’s designs and generate a repeatable, cost-effective production flow in a timely manner.