Welding & Material Bonding

The Fi Company offers several bonding techniques to help determine the best approach to fit specific customer needs.

These include Mig Welding, Tig Welding, and Spot Welding, as well as riveting, and soldering. Our skilled team of talented experts will review your product to determine best bonding method for your product. These processes and our equipment includes:


  • 5 MIG Welding Stations
  • 16 TIG Welding Stations
  • 1 Robotic Welding Station
  • 13 Spot Welding Stations and Tables

MIG Welding

MIG Welding or “Metal Insert Gas” Welding is one of the most commonly used welding processes in manufacturing. The process is quick and efficient with a high level of versatility. MIG Welding process can bond several types of metals.

TIG Welding

TIG Welding, or “Tungsten Inert Gas” Welding is a manually slower process, it is known to produce the highest quality and most versatile bonds. At Fi Company we commonly use TIG Welding on cosmetic surfaces.

Spot Welding

Spot welding is a great option for speed and simplicity. The technique provides a cost-efficient option to assemble sheets of metal together in various manufacturing environments.

Robotic Welding

Our robotic welding capabilities are a differentiating service that offers improved weld quality and increased productivity serving as another faster, more precise weld solution. Robotic welding is a great option for your high-volume product to achieve consistency in weld products with numerous weld points.


Soldering is a low temperature, simple bonding process that can be used on more intricate products. Fi Company typically uses this process as a filler when bonding two metals together.


A rivet is a mechanical fastener and is used to hold two materials together. Rivets are typically used as an alternative to nuts and bolts, screws, welds, and adhesives.

Adhesive Bonding

This process can be useful in the manufacturing environment to fasten two surfaces together. The technique involves epoxy and glue solvents allowing for a bond that which will cure using heat, pressure, or time.