Assembly Systems

We offer value added assembly so you can expand your business without growing your operation.


Our TMI (Training within the Industry) methodology for our manufacturing team is designed to maintain quality and product performance for those operations that require full manual processing.


For those processes that require repeatability at high volumes, our lean manufacturing team has the experience to design production cells with the right combination of operator/automated equipment that assures process capability and product quality.


For those components that require repeatability and reproducibility at a constant demand, our lean manufacturing team is always looking for opportunities to fully automate their manufacturing process in order maintain product form, fit and function.

Integrated Harness Assembly

This is a core competency for our team. Our NPI (New Product Introductions) and our EE (Enterprise Excellence) teams work side-by-side to generate a fully integrated electronic harness routing and assembly that guarantees full mechanical performance of the finished product without compromising connectivity, software performance, and electronic controls functionality.